Body Treatment

Marine exfoliation

30 min $800 pesos

Treatment that accelerates the process of elimination and cell regeneration. The skin is gently exfoliated with sea salts, to provide a smooth appearance. Exfoliation is recommended to get a nice and long lasting tan.

Chocolate exfoliation
30 min  $800 pesos

Delicious body exfoliation based on pure cocoa extracts with a triple action:  moisturizer, antioxidant and anti-cellulite, which perfectly brings together skincare benefit and emotional pleasure.


Aloe Vera & Mint (Moisturizing)

80 min $1,900 pesos

A natural experience, fresh wrap that maintains a healthy skin appearance. Favors the retention of water in the cells, leaving a pleasant sensation of softness, lightness and relaxation.

Aromatic Moor Mud (Remineralizing)

80 min  $1,900 pesos

Dating back to ancient civilizations where its therapeutic use was a daily ritual, the aromatic Moor mud is an all-natural blend of botanical ingredients, containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytohormones to improve blood circulation and lymphatic stimulation.  Healing and mineralizing, it eliminates chronic fatigue and helps relieve the pain of rheumatism and arthritis.

Seaweed (Reductive)

80 min  $1,900 pesos

A warm, soothing and bubbling wrap rich in copper, which is used in medical industry for treatments such as skin repair and healing rheumatic pain.  Every inch of your body is soothed and relaxed leaving your skin healthy and mineralized.

Chocolate (Nourishing)

80 min $1,900 pesos

A delicious treatment with all the benefits of cocoa, endorphin stimulator “natural substances of happiness”. Combined with caffeine extract activates lipolysis with an anti-cellulite action. Leaving the skin soft with a pleasant aroma of chocolate.

Vitamin C (Anti aging)

80 min $1,900 pesos

Anti age treatment ideal for all skin types, highly antioxidant. It stimulates collagen production and accelerates skin regeneration, improving hydration providing luminosity. Recommended prior to sun exposure.

Aftersun (Soothing)

50 min $1,900 pesos

Provides freshness, relaxation and relief to those sun-damaged skins. Soothes and reduces sensitivity of the skin, giving optimum hydration.


$800 pesos
Balance is synonymous with wellbeing, which gives us an incredible result of a bubbly and relaxing treatment of natural essences and plant extracts that provide balance and harmony.

Hydro Milk Massage
$800 pesos
Real milk in a form of silky foam will fill your skin with moisture and nutrients. Milk proteins and marine collagen are the perfect combination to pamper your skin.

Hydro Grape Massage
$800 pesos
Based on wine therapy this hydro massage is rich in natural antioxidants to increase skin moisture and fight aging, offering rejuvenating effects.

Hydro Sea Crystals
$800 pesos
The sea crystals are a concentrate of marine algae and remineralizing salts that restore moisture and softness of the skin.

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